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How to choose good solar road stud?

There are so many factories make road studs in the world, many road studs have same shape. But the quality is different.

When buy solar road studs, we should focus on LED, Reflector, Battery, Protection level, and Compression situation.

1.LED should be bright, long distance visibility:

TOPSAFE use EPISTAR brand LED, Dia 5mm, hight bright, visibility more than 800 meters.

2.Reflector should have good reflective effect:

TOPSAFE use good quality reflector, will be very bright when cars light shine on at night.

3.Battery should be anti-high(low) temperature:

TOPSAFE use Anti-high(low) temperature, the product can work from -30℃~+70℃.

4.Protection level should be IP68

TOPSAFE already got the certificate of IP68 that audited by SGS.

5.Compression: load bearing at least 10 tons

TOPSAFE already got the certificate of Load Bearing 20 tons that audited by SGS.

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Address: B1 Building,Anfeng Park,Dalang Shiguan Industrial Area,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China
Tel: 0086-755-81753653   Mobile or Whatsapp:0086 13088895364
Email: sales2@sztopsafe.cn
Contact Person: Miss Cherry
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